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We are OPEN to see you in the office

Effective Tuesday, May 26, 2020:
Esophageal Institute of Atlanta is open to see patients in the office.
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The EIA Team

C. Daniel Smith, MD, Esophageal Institute of Atlanta

For over 20 years Dr. Smith has been committed to helping patients with esophageal disease, especially reflux. He is an esophagus specialist, offering diagnostic testing and medical or surgical treatments.

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EIA Support Staff

The EIA team is comprised of Dr. Daniel Smith's team of dedicated staff who have over 30 years of experience in helping patients with esophageal conditions navigate the complex path through gathering records, working with insurance companies, coordinating and scheduling tests, and coordinating the series of appointments and consultations needed to as quickly as possible get answers to questions about your health, and effect the treatments that will resolve you esophageal and upper intestinal problems.

  • Lead Administrator: Alexa Jones
  • Patient Care Coordinator: Trenise Parker
  • Cinical Research Nurse: Terria Nesmith

Affiliated and Collaborating MDs & Providers

We also have a team of experienced doctors who collaborate with Dr. Smith and the EIA team in getting all of the information and testing needed to ensure a comprehensive understanding and treatment for your specific situation.

  • William Lyday, Gastroenterologist
  • Patrick Waring, Gastroenterologist
  • Donald Dennis, ENT
  • John Coleman, ENT
  • Shahir Sedghi, Gastroenterologist
  • Susan Tanner Schlamp, Chiropracter

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Convenient Atlanta Office

Our office is located on Peachtree Road in the heart of Buckhead conveniently located near Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

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