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We are OPEN to see you in the office

Effective Tuesday, May 26, 2020:
Esophageal Institute of Atlanta is open to see patients in the office.
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Covid-19 Announcement Virtual Office Visits Available


Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are OPEN to see you in the office

Effective Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Esophageal Institute of Atlanta, is OPEN

We are pleased to announce that with the progress made in Atlanta with controlling the COVID-19 outbreak and the release of businesses to again reopen, Esophageal Institute of Atlanta is open to see patients in the office. That said, we are still being very cautious and vigilant to protect your safety and the safety of our staff.  We are also continuing to office Virtual Office Visits for those who are not ready for an office visit and want to continue active care with us.

If you do decide to schedule an office visit, we are taking the following measures to continue to provide you with the care you need in the safest way possible:

  • Screening Before Appointment: My office staff will contact you before you come to the office to inquire about any fever, illness, exposure to COVID-19, or if you’ve been infected in the past.  If you have any of these conditions, we will postpone your office visit until you can be tested for COVID-19 and have a negative test result within 72-hours of your visit.  We can guide you to locations for COVID testing if needed.
  • On Arrival: We will greet you when you enter the office through a glass window.  We will again ask about your health and any symptoms or history of COVID-19.  If you come with someone else, we will ask that all other visitors wait outside of the office waiting room.  We will only allow one person in the waiting room at a time.
  • In Office Screening:  Your temperature will be taken upon arrival and in the waiting room.  If you have a fever, we will ask you to leave the office and see your PCP and/or get tested for COVID-19.  If you do not have a fever, you will be immediately escorted to one of the consultations rooms where you will remain until after your appointment is completed.
  • MASKS ARE MANDATORY All staff and visitors to the office will be expected to where a mask at all times.  If you arrive without a mask, you will be asked to leave and only return when you have a mask.  Your appointment may be postponed and rescheduled if you do not have a mask immediately available.  Remember, masks protect others from the possibility that you are infected and don’t know it.  Please respect the safety of others by wearing a mask at all times.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

C. Daniel Smith, MD
Esophageal Institute of Atlanta

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